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I'm so depressed!


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I'm in Italy for a month and I had too much hand luggage to risk trying to take my violin on board but how I wish I'd left everything else at home! I've tried hiring a violin but the only possibility was a really cheap one which sounded disgusting! Just some advice to you all - if in doubt take your instrument with you on vacation!

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I was on a longish trip last month and rented a violin. It was a sad little instrument, with an uncut bridge, Supersensitive strings, and no fine tuner, accompanied by a bow that retailed for $35. But practicing on it was still helpful and pleasant enough! I used a hotel mute so I didn't get the full effect of the instrument's tone.

If you can't go shopping wink.gif and Italy's other charms are not complete without some violin playing, I'd encourage you to go ahead and rent the cheapie.

Or just console yourself with Siena's great food & wine!! (That might be my choice!)

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I just went on vacation (much shorter than three months) but just before I left my teacher told me that there is a lot of practicing you can do without the instrument.

For instance, take a pen or pencil, and even if your bow grip is fine, perfect it. He had me practice moving the pencil back and forth using only my fingers (no arm/wrist movement) to increase flexibility. I also practiced finger patterns with my left hand to keep them from losing their edge.

My teacher, over time, has developed incredibly versitile hands by doing things such as this.

There are other things that I can't remember, but in the absence of an instrument I hope this helps a little.


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I'm afraid I can't afford to buy another violin (and even if I did, I would still have the same problem at the airport on the way home.)

Loren: The bow that went with the cheapie violin was so bad I couldn't even get any rosin on it.

DM: Thanks for the advice! I have a pencil at least!! Actually, the shop where I tried the violin had a really good stock of music so I bought Dont's etudes for a bit of mental practice now and to get stuck into properly when I return home.

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For the record, I recently went to Paris on American Airlines. I saw some people carrying carry on luggage that was the size of a small cello. They'd let a violin on no problem.

I missed my violin a lot during those two weeks. But I was too busy being a tourist to practice, anyway.

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Siena? Is that where you are? Lots more in Siena than food & wine (not that they aren't wonderful, too)...... Wow. Your time there (no matter how long it is) will pass too quickly. Sorry you're missing your violin. But, the only help I can offer is: See all the art you can; walk everywhere you can; buy cheese and olives at the market and bread at the bakery; realize that espresso is a SWEET drink - it's not just the caffiene that gives it its kick!; go into shops and try violins from time to time for a) a fix, and :) to see what they've got (pending excuse to return to Italy some day); if you see little old ladies sitting outside on lawn chairs, greeting passers-by, smile and tell them buona sera, and engage them in conversation if at all possible (especially if they are outside of where you are staying so you can make a regular habit of it).

...... gee, i sure am Italy-sick these days... does it show? sniff, sniff.

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Mi avrei portato il mio violino ma ho avuto troppi bagagli! (I've been studying the conditional tense - I hope it was correct!?)

The main reason I was missing my violin so badly was that I could hear summer students from the Accademia Chigiana Musicale practising every day. My language lessons and homework are actually taking up a lot of time now so I'm not so depressed anymore (well, I am depressed that my Italian vocab.'s so bad but that's another story!) Shopping and looking at wonderful Renaissance art does help, and I'm sure that as soon as the Palio gets under way, I won't have enough time to even think about my violin.

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I was recently out of the country (but not off the continent) for two weeks and I didn't bring my violin, mainly because my parents wanted to do "touristy" things and I didn't think it would be good to leave $5,000+ worth of violin and accessories in a hotel room or in the car. However, at one place we went there was a man playing a fiddle and I was so desperate to play I asked to play his. Luckily for me, he agreed. Quite a large audience had congregated by the time we were through! laugh.gif


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HI, Jill!!

My dauther also felt just like you

feel now when we took a trip to France in


She really wanted to take her

violin with her because she was expecting

to have a recital in Augaust.

But My husband said we stayed in the hotel

where we had never stayed befere.

"Where should we keep the violin while we go out?"

So we didn't take the violin with us for

the security.

My daughter took her sheet music with her,

and every night she practiced her finger

movement without the instrument. I think

it worked a lot!!

Just enjoy your trip seeing a lot of artworks and visit the historical places, and this will give you good inspiration for you music.

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