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Ysaye solo violin sonatas


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There are also complete recordings of the Ysaye sonatas for solo violin by Frank Peter Zimmermann, Leonidas Kavacos, Thomas Zehetmair and Oscar Shumsky and, in a multi-CD set, Ruggiero Ricci. I was especially impressed by the Zimmermann recording and the Ricci recording is full of fire.

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There is another complete recording of the Ysaye solo sonatas by

Lydia Mordkovitch on the Chandos Label - born in the USSR and

studied with Oistrakh after graduating from the Odessa

Conservatory.  She emigrated to Israel in 1974 and I think is

now a resident of the UK.


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I have the recordings of Kremer, Shumsky, Ricci, Frank Peter Zimmermann and Benjamin Schmid, as well as some individual sonatas by various players. Currently, I like the Schmid recording for its wonderfully elegant style and great beauty of tone (not to mention his effortless technique). The others are very fine, although Ricci has moments of questionable intonation here and there (though his virtuosity is quite impressive, especially in No.6). There is also an absolutely soulful recording of No.4 (alas first movement only!!) by Philip Newman that should be listened by anybody who loves the sonata or currently studying the piece (Newman played the sonata for Ysaye himself who was on the verge of death). His recording is available from Symposium.


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His early life is interesting, not resembling to one of those shining stars at the age four or five. May be He was a slow learner (usually confused with other things) or some other thing, I dont know. During my a teaching years (physics not in music unfortunately), I saw many very good students who had not a good balance between their creative power and learning speed, no doubt It was a suffering for these kids.There was an other thread here (I liked that thread) about learning speed and the other usually unseen side of talents of the performers, reminded me some of those kids who were distrupted by millions of sparks in their creative side. I think Ysaye was one of those kids but who was lucky to hit really good teachers and developed a kind of balance somehow.

I am afraid I am out of the topic context, any way, by the way

Thanks again,

Best Regards.

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