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Recently I recived a stunning Michael Rabin LP which I belive to be rare. I figure atleast one person on the good old Maestronet is a record junkie, so here's what I've got. It is the Columbia Symphony Orchestra conducted by Donald Voorhees with Michael Rabin performing Zigunerweisen (Sarasate), Molto Prepetuo (Paganini), and Molto Prepetuo (Noveacek). It dosen't have too many songs due to the fact that it is a 10". It is on the Columbia Masterworks Label (LPCB 27001) and appears to be a Brazilian edition (all in Spanish). Its is in very good condition with minor wear. I have heard that the Columbia Masterwork label with Rabin on it is his earliest recordings. I imagine it is pretty rare but I want to get the opinion of some people who know what theyre talking about. Any information about this recording/edition would be very helpful to me. Thanks for the help!

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