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REFERENCE: Violin Photography


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Thought I'd collect links to various discussions of how to make and posts photographs of violins and bows.

Links to prevoius Maesstronet Threads (this may not be exhaustive:

Violin Photography

Photoshop Advice

A previous thread with tips on Posting Photographs On Maestronet.

Outside links:

Article on Photographing Violins from Soundpost Online by M. Darnton

Very nice article on Tarisio about photographying vilins and bows. Includes a list of equipment.

Instructions on how to photograph violins from J&A Beares Website. Includes downloadable PDF file.

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In putting together the REFERENCE thread on Identification, I realized that some older threads have links in them that use the older software syntax. And I was pleased to see that the new software allows editing even these antique posts.

Why is this relevant to the Violin Photography thread? Because I also discovered that many many images posted in the days before Maestronet allowed direct upload to the Mnet server have vanished. Accounts have been closed or services have gone out of business. So images that were integral to a discussion thread have vanished into the internet ether.

I post this info about editing older posts here so that those who may recall images of their own that have been disabled could, if they chose to, re-vivify those links by now editing their posts and uploading the images to the Mnet server.

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