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I don't think there are enough choices. "24 notice of cancellation" should be worded "24 hour minimum notification for cancellation" if that is what you mean. No choice was offered for "pay as you go per lesson payment schedule" and, "Lesson is considered cancelled should have underlying choices for time i.e.: 15 min, 30, min one hour etc.

There could be hundreds of more choices based on the types and range of questions you are asking, each one almost deserving of its own thread. I don't find a choice that fits my criteria.


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I'm much more interested to know why you are asking this (in two threads). I remember being a student, as a child (very, very long ago) and it seems to me that all the "rules" were the rules that governed my lessons - so there is nothing wrong with them.

I realize different teachers have different policies and it is important for the teacher to assure economic survival.

Students/parents will use the economics and scheduling as selection variables - among others.

Personally, as a teacher, i prefer the freedom of "pay as you go" with no penalty if either teacher or student cancels the lesson. But I am not depending on the economics of full-time teaching. One of my cello students is a full-time piano teacher who has sent two sons through college on that income and he uses all the rules you have described (although the "group" lessons are regular student recitals for other students only (no parents) - sort of workshops - and I believe young and adult students are segregated in these).

Illlness or other discomforts can crop up shortly before a lesson is due to start and I think exceptions should be made for these.

I have noticed that students who cancel without notification (at all - boy is thtat rude!) don't seem to come around very many times after that.

Teaching is a business for which the teacher has every right to set the rules and the student/parents have every right to select or reject.


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