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G. Tartini Was So Good.


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Yes, there's something about The Red Priest, I'm not sure what it is; you can tell it's Vivaldi in a measure or two. I think if you analyzed it, you might find something, but I don't know what it is offhand. Maybe because he was composing for all those nuns! (orphan girls, actually)

Some people don't like Vivaldi (and some don't like Mozart..I can't relate to that)..the saying, "Vivaldi wrote one concerto 500 times" and referring to it as "sewing machine music." I don't agree.

Corelli is like that sometimes, too, but it's in the sequences and the violinistic virtuosity of some of the works.

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I don't know why, some people find his music not complex enough or a kind of shallow or what ever, .. Several times I saw big mustache hillbillies in central Turkey, they were listening Vivaldi. I think his music is bit format programming , platform independent, and very human, pure emotion.

Well, I can say It is as good as sex.

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I've used the Devli's Trill sonata as a concert piece for many years. It is great. However, I would not go on gushing about Tartini as a great composer. He was a prominent violinist of his time, and that piece is one of a few that survived. I'd say that a comparison of Tartini to Vivaldi (or heaven forbid) Bach would be unfair.

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