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2005 - your personal (musical) highlights?


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Since no one else has initiated a thread - as Dec. 31 approaches, I will do it.

Any particular memorable events performances, achievements, you'd like to share?

One of mine was the "world premiere performance" (sic)

of my arrangement of the Schumann Canonic Etudes

for string sextet which actually got on television.

How's that for bragging rights!

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Congratulations to both of you; those are really cool things! I didn't know you were a composer, Omo. Any sound files or webpage online?

I guess mine would be the two recitals from the studio; both were wonderful, to me, and the kids and parents were happy about it, for the most part. I acquired a LOT of music (quartet music and etude books for violin, viola and piano) and a lot of new instruments including a new piano. I'm learning how to manage a small business.

The viola practice is going well (I started learning viola seriously a couple of years ago, after decades of violin). I acquired a lot of books, too, Suzuki and other string pedagogy books. I got to read a lot and made some progress on my research.

My health is pretty good (considering) and my cat and my family are all doing well, even my daughter, who had a really hard time last year. I'm pretty happy and have a lot of goals to accomplish still.

Thanks for asking such a thoughtful question.


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My highlight was watching my 12-yr-old student play before a packed church on Christmas Eve for a silent communion service. She has only been playing 15 months and didn't play out of tune once....and even had some vibrato!! She is just amazing!!

Steve I think its great that you started playing again. I quit for 10 years once while my children were babies.


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The best musical thing I did this year, probably the best thing I did musical or not, was renting a viola in July and beginning to take music lessons at age 28. My goal for the next year is to learn to stay marginally enough in tune that I may someday be able to play with some of my actually-competent friends, assuming I provide enough beer for them!

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Hi Lioness,

She played about 8 different Christmas carols and obligatos for about 4 of them. Her hardest song was O Holy Night. Remember she has only been playing since Sept. '04. At lessons I almost couldn't keep up with her because every piece I gave her, she played correctly the first time. I would just stand there a minute and then say, "Alright, let's go on to the next one!" She really needs a better teacher and I'm going to insist that she goes to the Jacksonville junior symphony's summer camp this year....even if I have to drive her myself. She also takes piano and sings beautifully. I talked to her piano teacher and she said this girl went through 4 books in one lesson!! The girl told me that she kept thinking, "Give me something hard to play." Sooo....whenever she wants something hard....I give it to her. If anyone has any ideas about how to help her, please get in touch. We live in Baxley, GA and the closest symphony is Jacksonville....and that is two hours away.

Lorene in S.E. Georgia

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