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Are you Violin/Viola/Cello Player or Maker or Both


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Curious poll...

(A) Play only.

(:) Build instruments only.

© Play and build instruments but playing is my priority.

(D) Play and build instruments but building is my priority.

(E) Play and build all day, its my living.

(F) Play and build giving each satisfactory time. (how do you do it?)

I try to do both ©. I would love to send more time in building but my practicing is to demanding to achive the level of playing I want to do. I try to practice 1.5 to 2 hrs a day. Curious how many are like me.

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I'm only a fiddle player but not a very good one. I read the Peg

Box and try to learn what I can about construction, maintenance and

identification. Stringed instrument repair is not for me. Changing

strings, keeping the bridge straight and keeping it clean is

enough. I have little artistic ability or talent for fine

meticulous work. My tool collection runs to wrenches, hammers, and

portable power tools, not fine woodworking tools.

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