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What's your drawing program?


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I bought 4 Strad posters and have been drawing out the rib forms on

paper the old fashioned way,  with a ruler and compass.

 I decided to transfer them onto Autocad  and that's how

I found it lacking.  Since you cant bring in an outside source

the only way I found to check it to the poster was to trace the

outline on translucent plastic used for quilting patterns, then

print the autocad drawing and put it under the tracing.  The

hand drawings seemed closer! A lot of back and forth

and wasted time.  The old masters had it easy!  Is there

a drawing program that will import a source other that it's own?

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What did you find lacking in Autocad? I have been using it now for 15 years, many hours a day, I might be able to help. I just used it for a personal project, drawing plans for a kayak, based on tables of offets and lofting the form shapes. I think you might be able to draw ribs in a similar manner. If you can produce x and y co-ordinants of points on the ribs, you can place points in an autocad drawing at those co-ordinates, and connect them with a spline for a smooth curve.

You could also scan in the poster, insert it as a bittmap or wmf in cad, place points over the outline you need, and connect the points with a spline to produce the curve.

Kinko's can print CAD drawings on a variety of media.

Hope that helps.

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I have used AutoCAD LT for many years now. I use this alongside Autodesk VIZ 4 to design my furniture www.designsunlimited.co.za . I have also drawn all my various violin models (www.violini.co.za) using AutoCAD.

It is possible to have the Strad posters scanned and brought into AutoCAD but I have found I do a better job myself using a scale rule and dividers to transfer the info. This also gived me the freedom to make small changes I want to make, say to the corners or C bouts etc. I have recently done "my version" on the Betts. I use Elderthomas's program to generate the archings.

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How do load a digital drawing or bitmap onto autocad?  When I

click to import drawing all it offers are the ones that I have

drawn.  It's AutoCad 2000 that I got from an apprentice at

work that was using it for a class, so if I need an update to do it

I'm out of luck.  I seem to be getting better at it.  I

use it at work but mainly for picking points to program a machine,

not for drawing anything.  We always complain about bad

drawings, I wouldn't want the engineers to se mine before I fix

them up!

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