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Where can I buy bow frogs?


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If hes a bowmaker he shouldnt really have any problems making a frog from snakewood,there are lots of places where you can buy replacement frogs ,not sure about snakewood ones.There are 100,s of cheap chinese bows on ebay that you could take the frog off and he could use that.IT would probably be far cheaper than getting one specially made. But still i dont see the problem with him making one out of snakewood. The material needed for a frog is tiny and even though snakewood is expensive , a piece that size could be bought for a few dollars.

Also if he made the frog it would be more of an investment ,not that i know how much your paying for the bow.

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Does the bowmaker mean that you supply the wood for the frog or that you supply the frog?

A pre-made or roughed out frog makes a big difference on the bow. A good bowmaker will make the frog from scratch, just like a real custom violin will have a scroll carved by the violinmaker and not use a pre-made scroll.

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