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Is a violin bridge ever made of 2 pieces of wood?


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Recently I had the bridge of my favorite violin replaced. I must admit it improves the sound a great deal. In looking at the new bridge it LOOKS like it was made of two pieces of wood (top and bottom) with the joint coming where the face (it that the right word?) begins to slant in. (This is hard to describe.) I am hoping that it just LOOKS like two pieces of wood. It's hard to imagine a violin bridge being anything other than one piece.

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Bridge blanks are very carfully cut to align with certain types of wood cells (called medulary cells) that are radial (like a section of pie) to the tree. When these medulary rays are cut in half they form straight lines but when they are sheared they form a dot pattern. Think of a bunch of spagetti (medulary rays) if you were to slice the spagetti, even at an angle the ends of the spagetti would form dots. Bridges are always made from a single piece of maple.

Oded Kishony

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My violin once had a lower neck angle that I did not realized so my bows frequently caught

the C-bout. Until one day I asked my luthier to cut a higher bridge, instead she (luthier)

suggested a change of neck angle and a higher bridge. I agreed, problem solved.

The violin was not in that shape originally but the tension of strings has worked

diligently in pulling the neck ,day and night, hot or cold, year after year.

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