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Pick the odd one out.....


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Maybe this quiz thing is adictive or something.

I guess if people weren't intrigued or interested they would respond

so that (unfortunately) erncourages me.

So here we go........

Can you pick the violin that doesn't belong in the set of 5 below?

(I hope the quality is good enough to have a judge.......)


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This feels like Russkaia Rouletkaia, but #2, although the angle of the picture could be playing part in it, seems to have round C bouts.

Also, the ffs don't have wings that flare out (at least not as obvious), are set pretty low when compared to #1, 4 and 5 and seem to have the upper eyes closer together. #3 does have low ffs, too, but their design look more or less like the other ones, only slanted. My thesis, however, may only be proving that I am actually blind.

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Hmm. No consensus, but some have spotted the mismatch.

I'm sorry the pictures are not a little clearer for you.

They are all from the same city, all different makers,

but one does not have the same ties.......

(For Manfio: "Non si senta il sapore di una cucina regionale?")

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Here are the f-holes of the first set of 5.

You can read some of the label in the second from the left, but that won't help a great deal.

Falstaff, well done, indeed, we have the family named at last. The one that is not "de famiglia"?

#4? Panormo? convincing?

(cf. 2 fiddles from his Celtic days!)

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Found it. The odd ball IS the fourth fiddle. It is NOT Panormo.

As JH has said in the past, once you have a city, you have a limited number of possiblities (usually). And in this case, once Mauricio detected the scent of Neopolitan pizza... well, the gang had to be Gagliano. And the odd ball could be Ventapane, Eberle, Panormo or a couple of others (if we are assuming a certain age).

And the winner is: Lorenzo Ventapane.

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Bravo, Braviss, Falstaff! As you suggest - it was really quite logical in the end.

I'll put up an Eberle just for interest.

The others in order, left to right were, Nicola, Gennaro, Ferdinando, and Giuseppe on the far right.

I left out the Padrone of the clan, Allesandro, as it might overly complicate things.

That just about concludes things here till the next time.

Were you able to settle on some common Gagliano traits from those 8 violins?

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