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Notation software - Sunnybear??


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I have used the ABC2win program for a couple of years, but I haven't been able to get it to work right for about a year on my computer.

I'm looking for recommendations for a new software program, that allows me to input chords over the bars, allow grace notes, slurs, etc., and that is easy to work with. I found the ABC program very easy to work with, but unfortunately it's just not working on my computer.

I have no idea where to begin looking for notation programs.

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If you were on a Mac I'd strongly recommend BarFly but unfortunately there's no Windows version yet. Most people I know with Windows boxes use either ABC2win or abcm2ps (google that for the source) but having used neither myself I can't really recommend them. I assume the source sunnybear is referring to the Concertina.net Tune-O-Tron Converter. It's very handy and produces great output [although it uses an older converter, abc2ps, as its engine and as a result can't interpret some of the newer abc features correctly] but it's not a composition program. Good luck! -Steve

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If you can do without grace notes and slurs, I would suggest you look into MusicCreator2. It is put out by the Cakewalk people, but is a much lower priced item. It can probably do many things that you could not do with the program you mentioned. I am not familiar with the program you are using.

Ben Podgor

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I don't think any of the usual notation programs can handle abc

files as input. If you like getting tunes as abc files then I'd

download ABC2win again. Maybe your program got corrupted.

The notation programs can take mouse clicks, a midi keyboard, a

midi file or a scan of printed music as input for the notes. There

is also mic input but it's no good. I have Finale's Print Music

which is more than adequate for fiddle tunes. It produces good

printed music including all the items you mentioned. Attached is a

printed tune as an example with slurs and so forth. I didn't put in

the slides though. The program is easy to use but tedious when you

start putting in the marks. A pencil will put in the marks a whole

lot faster and with less work.

Let's try the attachment again.

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