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carbon fiber bows?


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It is not uncommon that the hair of a violin bow becomes too long after

a period of time of its use. Do not do anything on the stick just rehair the bow. Do not bend it (stick).

To rehair a bow it may cost you somewhere from $35- to $50. I would bring it to my local

violin shop to have it rehair it if I were you. Is it a violin bow? I only play a 4/4 violin. All my 6 bows

look exactly the same (length, same shape) even I got them in different places at different time.

The movable piece of ebony nut (where the screw turns to a adjust) has a 90 degree (sharp) angle.

(whereas viola bows have round corners and longer sticks, cello bows are shorter and heavier))

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I just talked to the girls mom, she is returning the bow to the

seller.  He is taking the bow back, minus the shipping.

 She said that she really did not want to take the chance of

having more wrong with the bow, so she is just returning it.

 She asked the seller if the bow was playable and in good

shape and he responded yes it is.  When she asked him once she

got the bow, that the bow was not playable at all.  He

responded that it is a good bow for the money, and that her

daughter must like to play a bow with alot of tension.  I had

to laugh about that one, lets see......this bow has no tension, the

screw was tightened all the way and the hair is touching the stick.

 I suppose you get what you pay for.  The bow was under

$50, plus $35 for rehairing, is almost the price of a new presto

bow.  At least she is being refunded for the bow.

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I have 3 carbon bows, and I like them a lot. I know that during times of high humidity, the hair simply cannot be tightened enough. But it's only humidity, not anything else. I can temporarily fix the problem with my hair dryer LOL, but of course if the day stays humid the hair will soon stretch again. On the other hand, there are days so dry that I can't make the hair relax enough to accept rosin nicely. Bowhair's coefficient of expansion is much more than I thought it would be!

I think your daughter's friend might have lost out on a good bow (unless it was really fiberglass and not carbon, of course).

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I do not know anything about carbon fiber bows.  This bow is

made by Presto,I just looked at Shar's music website. they are have

a bow sale and their Presto cello bows are $100 on sale.

On ebay, presto's sell for 60-70 dollars.

This bow is used, the guy bought it used (ebay)

 2 yrs. ago.  So who knows how old it is, or if there is

more wrong with it.  I just saw the bow a little bit ago, and

I don't think the humidity will do nothing for this bow, the hair

is really loose and for what the girl needs the bow for this won't

work out for her.  Even if it just needs rehairing.

I think they are trying to sell a beginner cello as an

outfit and just wanted to get a bow to complete the sale.

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Unlike a wooden bow, a carbon fibe bow is almost indestructible. As long as the hardware works alright, used or new

does not make that much of difference. What is important is its weight (or weight distribution)

and its stiffness to the player. If it fits the player, then it is a blessing. (That is, the player wants it

bounce, it bounces and the player wants it glide, it glides, in complete control) Not every bow

can do that.

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