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Caveat emptor - as always


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Aha! Thanks for all the info.  I went and looked at the

violins and can certainly see what you mean!  So are these

different sellers getting fraudulent violins from the same source

or is it coincidental that separate sellers make them look alike?

 I noted that in some of the auctions they admit to copy

labels and even some varnish problems...but? .. Also, both of

the above sellers have 100% positive feedback..one of the buyers of

a "Pfretzschner" (which looks like all the others) even said

it was "a dream of a violin".  Do the buyers just not know a

good violin from a not so good violin?  It is sad that there

are so many dishonest people and will certainly hurt the honest

sellers on eBay by making people too wary to take a chance.

 But if buyers are not complaining and leaving glowing

feedback how can it change?  Hats off to Fiddlefun for not

letting someone get away with it!

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I don't believe for a second that there are many "different sellers". Different user IDs but the same source. Think of it as an aspirin manufacturing company. They make the same pills and put them in any number of differently labelled bottles, to be sold as store brands all across the country. I think we're dealing with one or two culprits here with a list of eBay IDs which is becoming staggering. As to the positive feedback the seller is getting, and to answer your question; no, I don't think a lot of eBay buyers "know a good violin from a not so good violin". The H.R Pfretzschner bass bow I mentioned earlier on this same thread garnered a positive feedback to Quikdrop. The problem with a lot of these bogus auctions is that the buyers don't realize that they've been had until months or years later.

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The returned violin and bows must have been received by the seller

today as he has already put it back on eBay.  He has not

changed his description other than to ask bidders to not bid if

there's gong to be problems.  He has not refunded my paypal

account yet,  I told the seller that it was all fake stuff and

that all he had to do was take it in to any violin shop for

verification.  He obviously does not care.  I had also

been  watching the Juzek auction mentioned above and if I'm

not mistaken, shouldn't a Master Art Juzek of that vintage have a

black and red label?

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The stronger caveat emptor warning in the 2nd auction is rather off-putting, should be interesting to see if that along with being a re-listing will take some of the glow off these items.

Looked at some of that seller's auctions, they don't see like the usual consignment seller, lots of overrun/odd lots type of items, plus an xbox 360, mixed in with what appears to be consignment though the violin is now billed as bought at an estate sale by the seller (or at least implied as such).

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i wish fiddlefun good luck.  i believe he will see his money

eventually.  may be the seller (drop shop) is trying to sell

it again (get some money for it)  before he issues the refund?

 whether the seller refunds it or not, that money is tied up

in the seller acct, therefore, that money is locked up until this

problem resolves by both party.  maybe the seller realizes

that the money will be gone eventually, so no incentive to speed up

the process for him.  may take one to two months if the

sellers drags his feet because paypal needs to so call investigate.

 aggrevation for sure.

the other violin, the roth, is a totally different presentation.

 the seller clearly stated that he even brought to a violin

shop which believes that it is a fake.  this is full

disclosure in my book.  now, if the buyer does not read, then


i think there is no evidence to say all these violins come from one

to two people.  totally irresponsible without even examining

the violins in hand.  as much as people can get upset over

these fake violins, get this, violins have been getting fake labels

for ,,,,hundreds of years!  it is the bad fake that get people

up in arms,,, the good fakes are being treasured without even


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As the buyer, because I used a credit card through Pay Pal, I filed

a dispute with my credit card company, not with Pay Pal.  My

credit card company immediately credits my account while handling

the dispute.  Pay Pal is not even involved in the dispute.

 In fact if you read Pay Pal's policy for filing claims, they

state that if a dispute is filed with them and a the credit card

company as well, Pay Pal will automatically cancel their dispute.

 My credit card company actually had the name of the seller

with my transaction.  So it's like Pay Pal was not even

involved.  So for me, I've got my money back already. The

credit card company simply does a charge back.  MY credit card

company advised me to return the item immediately and the dispute

would be in my favor since I no longer had the item.  (make

sure you get delivery verification when returning an auction)

 The credit card company will charge back the seller.

 The only way the seller can then collect to take it to

court.  If the seller refunds my Pay Pal account,

then I halt the dispute with the credit card company.  So, my

advice to all is pay with a credit card even  when you pay

with Pay Pal, make sure you pay with a credit card and not from

your bank account.

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