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Jade Rosin Packaging


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Does anyone here use Jade rosin?

I have a question about its packaging. Is the rosin cake on a plain cloth all by itself like the Hill Rosin, or is it on a cloth with a base plate under the cake like the Pirastro rosins (the rosin is on a cloth, and the cloth is centered on a round plastic base).

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Jade is one of the French Millant-Deroux rosins that come in a flimsy plastic cylinder and have no back plate. Of course, you can cut a circle of cardboard and glue it to the back of the cloth for added rigidity.

I think Jade is stickier and softer than the Tartini rosins. It grabs well (good sticking friction) but I think its sliding friction is a bit high so it eventually can interfere more with a free vibration of the sting under moderate playing (bowing) pressure.


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Hehe, Danielle.

Searching for a Tartini replacement too? I just tried Hill the other day and made way too much surface noise for me and not as smooth feeling.

Hmmm, I never thought about the dynamic friction before. Ill give Jade a shot.

The reason I want a backplate is I really REALLY like having somewhere to hold the rosin by and have the cloth around it (if there is one at all) hanging down and completely out of the way of the bow...like Tartini.

I just wish more rosins came in a package like Tartini. So much more convenient...air-tight too.

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What is this gummy rosin problem? Ive never experienced it. What exactly happens?

I thought if it was a warmer climate then you have more a problem with gummy rosin, not a drier one.

I was going to try Motyra, but I kind of dont like the idea of metallic dust in rosin. I dont think it would do anything to the bow hair (since its already being bowed on metal wrapped strings), but I do have concerns about wiping the dust off over time on the belly of the violin.

I was going to try Melos also, along with Jade. Anyone try Melos?

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How did Tartini and Melos compare to each other? I have a Dark & Light Melos as well as a Motrya Gold on order right now to compare them. Has anyone else used the Motrya? I am more concerned about what the gold dust might do to my violin over time as I clean it off of my violin's belly.

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