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Evah strings for viola


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Hi, I currently use an Evah Pirazzi set with a Larsen A. I love

them on my Geoffrey Ovington viola. They are brighter than

Obligatos, but much warmer than Dominants. A good word to describe

them is brilliant. However, they sound different on different

instruments - but I would definitely recommend them for a


Best, Cindi

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I have a set of Evahs on my viola right now & I agree with Lark's description. They are very responsive and quite bright. (I like the Evah A--my viola has never responded well to the Larsen A). They seem fairly durable, too.

Another good string for violas is Helicore, a steel core string. They last forever and aren't terribly expensive. Their D'Addario synthetic counterpart is Zyex--also priced well. Many people around here seem to like Zyex, too.


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I have them on my viola right now. I have a very sonorous, bright instrument. These strings do not work for me. The C and G strings are not at all responsive and tend to grunt and whistle - a problem I have never had. They are too bell like and over-ring, sounding very metallic and shallow. Even the member of my quartet noticed as soon as I put them on.

Gut strings (except for the A), Larsen A, and Dominants work well with my instrument, but Evah's were very disappointing. I think if you already have a bright instrument, they are overkill. They have settled a little bit soundwise, but I still have to be extremely controlled to get the C string to speak properly. I've kept them on because I paid so much for them, I want to see how they age, and the extra attention to my technique they require will be good for me. However, I have a concert in January, so I will have to change them before then.

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