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I have one of the prototype semi-acoustics from ArtsMusic (Paul

Davies, Aussie luthier with a factory in Shanghai, China).

 I'm totally enamoured with this instrument.  It produces

a sweet and luxurious acoustic sound when amplified, something

impossible to do without the right preamp on an electric.  I

think Paul sells them in the US through WW & BW, but I'm not

really sure.

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Now an apartment-dweller, I also own and most of the time play a Yamaha. It's not really 'silent' even when switched off, but it's probably no louder than the original bodyless practice fiddles were/are. What I most object to about it is the lack of adjustability -- the chinrest is moulded in, and the shoulder rest might as well be. I don't find it especially comfortable, but it's okay apart from that.

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Sounds like you have an SV-120 or earlier. Yamaha's "step-up" model, the SV-200, lets you use your own shoulder rest, and the chinrest can be changed out too. It also sounds noticeably better than the SV-120.

One thing to watch out for on the Yamaha Silent Violins is the bridge curvature. For some reason many of these come from the factory with a much tighter-than-normal radius on the bridge, making the D and A strings too high. I have a stack of 15 of them to set up, and I'll be recutting the bridges on every one before they're sold.

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I can't find anything where it says the model, but '120' sounds vaguely familiar at least. It's about 5-6 years old. I agree about the bridge curve, tho being a fiddler I'd have probably recut the bridge flatter anyway.

I didn't know about the 200, but now wish I had the money to buy one. But at $1000 or more, I doubt I'll be swapping out any time soon.

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