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I hate to spark another string review but... I am thinking about using a steel A string in combination with G, D (Olive, Eudoxa, or Obligato - most likely the Obligato's) and a Kaplan E. These I have all used and seem to work best with my bright & loud violin. The A string I've never been to happy with, expecially in 3rd-5th position. I have thought about using a Helicore A. Any suggestions? I have seen a Eudoxa set with a chrome A, anybody out tried that?

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Thanks for the reply. Andrew my problem is more the sound I'm getting in 3rd - higher positions is unreliable. I can't seem to pruduce a consistant good tone but a dead one. This is more of a problem with the Oliv D/A string than the medium Obligato's. The current Kaplan E string sounds great. I also notice I have to be real careful how much rosin is applied to the bow or it gets real bad and I don't think I'm over rosining. If the sound starts deadening I'll wipe the bow down some with a clean rag and this improves the sound but makes it harder for the bow to grip with out screeching. I have been thinking also of trying different rosin for the Oliv's. I currently use Tartini Green & Hill Dark.

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