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I have a violin which sounds quite good - but the fingerboard is of a low quality ebony and is not scooped. Should I push to have the luthier replace it with a good quality board or just leave well enough alone and just scoop and restain it? I remember some posts that the finger board weight etc. can affect sound.

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Did you use a straight edge to determine that the fingerboard has no scoop or did you come to that conclusion because the strings are buzzing against it? Or is it that somebody told you it has no scoop? In any case, if it really is unscooped, that would be a very simple thing to correct.

If the fingerboard is ebony, but just not very black, I would not even think about replacing it because there is no need to. If it were my not-very-black ebony fingerboard, I wouldn't bother dying it either, but there's certainly no harm in doing that.

Yes, fingerboard weight and/or density can affect the sound a little, more noticeably on some violins than others. For some violins, there could possibly be an advantage in using lighter-colored ebony, which is frequently of a lower density than pure black ebony. If so, the practical trade-off would be durability.

Anyway, the real bottom line is playability. When you refer to leaving well enough alone, do you mean that there is no problem with playability?

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We have no luthier nearby but I will abide by his advice when I get it over there.

The nut is also too low and the G string was buzzing. I had to file under the G string near the nut to take care of that. That is when the dark brown color emerged. Used a little shoe polish to hide where I had filed.

I used a straightedge to determine that there was no scoop - haven't noticed a playability issue yet but then I am still a beginner.

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