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Big turn off - Italian violin


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I think I get it...... you are glaze, you bought this violin from

premierscum i mean violin.  You relisted and was honest about

its history and it sold it to scotty,  just for a fraction of

what you paid for it. Scotty relisted it as an

original, and it will probably sell for $1000.  You are upset

because you were honest and some other person paid what it is worth

and he is cleaning up.  Is that right?

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That sounds right Escar.

1. Roger bought an Italian violin from Premier for $1200, and it turned into a German junker in shipping.

2. Roger sold it for what it was worth, $133.50, to Scotty

3. Scotty advertised it as authentic and got $1750.

4. DFowler bought a violin from Scotty that was advertised as Italian for $900, but wasn't.

Roger is letting us know that Premier is a scammer, and Scotty is a scammer, and Roger did the right thing by listing the violin with an accurate description. DFowler is seconding that Scotty is a scammer.

Ebay is a crapshoot, but one thing is certain--that Italian violin? It isn't...

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I don't think he's a "scammer." But I think the description of tone does not match my expectation. Here is what he wrote:

"Finally the best attribute of this violin is the wonderful sweet tone it produces. It is one of the most soulful sounds that I've ever heard come out of a violin! It is very even across the strings with great clarity and harmonics. The bass is deep and smooth and the treble is sweet and singing. The volume is enormous and is definately suitable for solo work."

And maybe he was telling the truth! He's just never heard a good violin!

My feedback response was "decent fiddle." It is, but I overpaid and feel dumb. I'm finished with buying violins on eBay. I'm going to sell the few I have and save my money to go to Italy some day and get a real instrument.

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Hi all,

I am sure some Italian violins are great but I don't see why all

Italian violins must be great.

A 1925 made violin should not have that many cracks. It was not made by a knowledgeable.

luthier.(Italian or not?)

Cracks are results of inability of handling stress. Arching ,glueing, graduations of the plates have problems.

It shows.

Is it worth $900 ? If you can have someone fix it for a reasonable price and its total cost

is not outrageous and you have a violin that you enjoy to play then it is worth the money.

(A skilled luthier can fix anything! Nice thing to know.)

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i do think there are good deals on ebay.  it is easy and not

fair to make a generalization, as we tend to do often on everything

in life, on violins on ebay.  there are some very good

sellers, some bad ones and many uncertain ones.  it is the

buyer's duty to watch and learn.  it is an art to sell and to

buy.  it takes due diligence.

here is my only rule on ebay.  if i like something and is

ready to bid, i ask myself this: if this thing turns out not

exactly like the way it is presented, can i turn around and sell it

immdiately without a loss?  by thinking very defensively, so

far i have been lucky.

ebay is like another marketplace out there.  scammers

everywhere. suckers born every second.  just does not have to

be you.

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Now if Roger would have listed this violin differently, would that

be dishonest? I have seen it done before, a seller has

a labeled instrument, it is a copy of that instrument.  They

advertise it as a copy of  "so and so" violin, give a little

history, disclose what ever you want and sell it.  As for the

history of it you really don't know what it is, but it is labeled

and it is a decent violin, so is it a copy of that violin or just a

violin with a  bogus tag?

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To say the least the buyer should get an estimate for

a proper repair (cracks) and an appraisal of its origin if the buyer cares,

in hope of not getting any more disappointment. So, It is not exactly a pot of roses.

I don't think the violin in question was built right to begin with. I feel sorry for the buyer.

By the way, as I see it , the second time listing is not substantially different from

the first time. There were cracks., label, with words describing its makers. Everything

the seller said. Excellent tone (in seller's words) . " Violin shop will sell violin

of this name maker for $10,000 if

not more" seller said (seller speculates a different violin, right of free speech).

My cheap (factory) German violin is

150 years old without crack. I believe when it was made, the wood was dry enough.

It was built in a great hurry. Anyone can see that. However, it is a decent violin.

It was not pretended to be a master violin. I respect the seller's honesty which is

so important to a person's character. It worths more than $1750 (honesty, not the violin's worth). Just my thought.

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i don't get this fuss over Italian violins; Erick Friedman played a Joseph Curtain violin, as does Anthony Serafini of Centenary College and Donald McInnes. I think most people, even trained musicians could not tell the difference between an Amati and a good E. Germain violin (French)

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I'm saving money to go to Italy. What I really want is TONE, not nationality. But after reading an article about Ansaldo Poggi in THE STRAD, I've decided that his violins have the tone I would love in an instrument.

I've purchased three "poggi" violins on eBay. I think one might actually be from the Poggi shop. It has cracks, but they seem to be from accidents. I know this can happen, because I slipped on the ice once while carrying a violin.

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Hi dfowler1685,

As a violin lover, you are responsible to go head first when you slipped carrying a violin to protect the violin :-)

I hope you save money to Italy for travel not to buy violin there. Over Italy all masters' violins are all on back order for year or two . The violins you tried will most likely from shop/ China import for visitors.

If I were you, I'll save the flight+ hotel and visit a reputed shops said over Boston/New York to get one. You can always come back to them for upgrades.

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