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I was just about ready to bid on this violin, but a couple of things bother me a bit.

Although it has been restored and is ready to play, I notice the e string is missing. I need to ask if there could be a discount. Also it says it is set up for gut strings but the action appears way, way too high--maybe the Dominants give a bad illusion somehow. Also it appears to have a new fingerboard which looks very thick, particularily at the bridge concave end which is normally thinned underneath .

Is the projected fingerboard height much too low (F/B is touching the top according to photo) or is the nicely stamped bridge too high? Bridge looks quite normal height.

I was considering going to pick it up in Hawai to save the $1299.99 shipping but I notice there is a $5 pickup fee. Don't understand why these excessive charges?

I guess I will pass for now although I hate to miss out on an unlabeled old violin with a value of at least $899,000... maybe more!

Am I wrong or am I missing something here?

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