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Should I be concerned?


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Hello, I just received a viola today which I had commissioned by a

very well known American maker.

It is exquisite. However, the varnish is a bit smudged on the upper

and lower back as a result of being in it's case. I guess it was

put in the case before fully dry. (?) It isn't really "smudged" so

much as - well, under certain lights there is a slight imprint from

the cloth of the case.

Should I be worried, or do anything about it?

Thank in advance for your esteemed advice!!

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Hmm, come to think of it, I tried out an instrument form the maker

before, and noticed the same thing. Just some teeny imprints -

nothing major, but noticeable to the trained eye. This was a newer

instrument but wasn't brand new like the one I have now. Can this

occur from using a certain kind of varnish or polish? If it's

softer than others will it more likely occur?

Thanks, Lark

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