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It was the bow hitting the ceiling in my computer room..

But It was a good effect though..

Actually I am serching for a kind jazz format based on Anatolian folk themes (central-eastern Turkey).

I seems It still sounds too classic,

by the way, thanks Omobono..

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I think a real violin challenge is to play the jazz tune 'Take Five' in its original key of Ebmin and do it with careful study of the author, Paul Desmond's, breath and phrasing on the original recording. I have worked on this one for years and yet, it seems to require the most exacting bow technique that will still require more years of work. It sounds deeply 'soulful' like your tune.

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I have hundreds of little themes like the one you heard, I recorded in my computer. I select one and improvise around it, that is how I usually do.. It is a smooth drift ..This is fantastic with drum, It is a drum used in rituals of whirling dervishes. It has a soft and deep sound. Next week I will be in Istanbul and I will buy one of these silky sounding drums, If can find a good one.

Guys, thanks for the feed back, this is great..

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I would have associated that sound with some wind isntrument as well. Am I off beam there?

I have always been fascinated by the sound of strings on recordings or songs from the middle East - how the create that quite distinctive style - since the violin proably originated there seems it has goe the full circle. A very good example or how adaptable the instrument can be.

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No you are not off the beam, actually combination depends on what you desire and almost endless.

Check this out, this is one of the CDs I purchased in Istanbul. Indeed, this is not what I am searching for, but these guys seem to do good work. For me the style and the theme are bleached too much.

I also brought hundreds new themes that are mostly anonymous. I will put some samples here time to time.

I just wanted to share with you guys.

Here is the link,


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Hi Selim,

We visited Turkey in May of this year. I bought 3 cd's which featured violin music. One of which this song "Gulumcan" is on. You can imagine my surprise when I clicked on your link and heard this incredible song. When I first heard it, I painstakingly wrote down all the notes so I could play it on my violin. No easy task for a beginner/intermediate amateur player. I now know the song by heart and absolutely love it!!!!

I am really fascinated by Turkish music!!! Quite a different sound.

By the way, Turkey is a very beautiful country. We had a wonderful time there!!

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Hi Obsessed,

It is so nice to hear your story.

I was walking in Beyoglu, mud, dirt and almost ruined beatiful old restaurants where I had wonderful times in the 15 years I lived there and I was almost crying for what I saw after seven years and saying what happened to you Istanbul..!, all of a sudden I heard this tune and I loved it, I bought all the CDs in the row. It is nice to see some people are doing good work there.

Yes It is a beatiful city and beatiful country but very little of Turkish people is aware of this, and mostly in the hands of ignorents the beauty, the history are destroyed day by day.

Despite some broken feelings, Istanbul or Constantinople, the ancient beauty was still shining like a jewel when I was sitting in the roof bar of the hotel that night.

I am happy to hear you had good time there.

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