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I am trying to gather some imformation on Pier Luigi Aromatico Fantoni. I have an opportunity to purchase a violin buy him at $4000. Does this seem reasonable. I don't intend to be a professional player, but I intend to play the rest of my life with joy. I would like to get to know this maker before making, or not, a somewhat small (in the violin world) investment. General value of his violins? Thanks for your time and help!


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Is it something like this?



and here's a cello


with the description

Pier Luigi Aromatico Fantoni, Cremona, 2000. Beautifully hand crafted Italian cello from this prominent young maker. The two piece back is of nicely flamed Bosinan maple, with matching ribs and scroll. The top is fine grained Italian red spruce. Red-brown oil varnish. This is a professional quality instrument suitable for orchestra or chamber work. With maker's certificate. $15,000.

With a name like "Aromatico" is should have a sweet tone!

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At that price if you like it sounds a good bet........ any certificate or papers?

Worth trying to contact the maker by email ..... obviously he is alive and kicking.

That would be a reassureance and an investment for you.

can;t help you with a contact though.......


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What exactly is the maker's connection with Cremona? Don't see him listed here


or here........


There is a firm listed in New York called: Biase and Fantoni....... any connection there?

Biase & Fantoni Violins

130 W 42ND St

New York, NY 10036-7902

(212) 840-8373

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From what I have gatherd he makes not in Cremona, but really close to it (though his violins are labelled Cremona). Also, he was a graduate of the Internation School of Cremona, and if I'm right, he is (or was for that matter) an instructor there. His instruments are pretty good, I'd say close to prefessional, if not professional (probably not soloist thought, just orchestra/chamber). Should I make a purchase?

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That decision, my friend, is your perogative entirely.... your hard earned bucks.....

At the risk of repeating myself, if you like it what you see and hear, the price sounds resonable.

But the more you can get in the way of authenification sooner or later

the sounder your outlay will be and the more satisfying, surely.

Good luck.

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I tried a 1997 Fantoni in late '98. For $5,000, it was in my Final Three along with a German fiddle at twice the price (with maybe half the projection!), and a Berger (my current instrument). The dealer had another buyer waiting, so I sent the instrument back rather than make a rushed decision to buy. The Fantoni seemed to be the marginal favorite when tested in a concert hall for projection, and I don't think the instrument had even opened up completely at the time.

So depending on the year and condition, $4,000 could be a good value for the money. The dealer who provided "my" Fantoni included accompanying notes with all the instruments he sent. "A player from the Arizona Symphony LOVES his Fantoni!"

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