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A Cheap Violin


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You could try factory-made violins/outfits from a mail order place (such as Shar or WW&BW). Violins of a certain model are all priced the same; however, sometimes the pattern works better on certain pieces of wood than others. I know someone who played a $2000 factory instrument through conservatory.

In general, you can get a cheaper price for the same sound depending on the country of origin and the maker's reputation. Italian stuff will almost always be more expensive; Czech or Chinese much less so. Also, an instrument is cheaper if no one knows who made it.

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Try asking through a community notice board, church bulletin or something like that.

We were trying to find a few fiddles for kids to start on in a neighborhood program.

Got a few donated from shops and then through local networking came up with a few more

from homes where they had been sitting on top of cupboards for years unused.

Worth a try.......?

You lucky day and you might even pick up something quite respectable.

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