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Has anyone else seen the pink Barbie 1/2 size violin that is currently being sold for only $50 by major retailers? My mom called and told me about it while I happened to be at Walmart. I had to go check it out! It totally made my day, although I kinda felt weird standing in the aisle alone and laughing. Oh yes, and there is also a guitar and piano if you would like to begin your own band!

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If you're serious about a violin for Barbie or G.I. Joe, here's a page for you.

Here's a doll that comes with her own cello.

Glad to know Bontempi is still with us. One of their earlier toys had full-size keys before anything by Casio did. I know, 'cause I used one to whack out my partwriting assignments in graduate school. ">Violin DoraBontempi

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Sorry about the tangled editing on the above post. The Bontempi link is for the Barbie violin. I love Bontempi. Years ago they beat Casio in producing an electronic toy piano with standard-size keys. On a tip from a fellow teacher, I got one on special order. (Casio had the local merchants sewed up.) That keyboard saved my impoverished neck when I was in graduate school as a commuter student and needed something for plunking out my theory assignments.

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Last Saturday I did the rounds of the toy departments. I went to Walmart, Kmart, Target and Toys R Us. I did not see a Barbie violin. I wonder if it is only sold in certain parts of the country. Is it a half size "real" violin, or is it plastic?

Toys R Us does have a number of guitars, including actual wooden ones. I shudder to think what the quality is like.

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Made of wood, you say? I wonder if Bontempi would consider making one with a natural-looking finish? This finish could be some kind of clear plastic, 'cause the instrument is electronic, right? Cracker Barrel actually carried something like this about ten years ago, and it was a hoot. They stopped because of the constant sound of people trying it in their stores.

Last week's tour of toy departments was enlightening. It's probably something that teachers who have no children at home should do on a regular basis. As always, I find that toys with observable physics are the coolest. We used to call these "boys' toys", but haven't we always known better?

All of a sudden I got a flash about a Civil War action figure with a full beard and uniforms of both North and South. He is, of course, as St. Louis re-enactor. His violin is a carbon fiber acoustic quarter-size with functional D and A strings and a bow you really could poke your eye out with.

Where is Michael. Michael could do it.

Bontempi Watch

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