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A new scam from cellodoc?


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It's very dubious that the ebayer cellodoc ever sold a real Samuel Gilkes in this listing:


But its even less likely that the same violin would show up in Illinois a short time later:


As a budding student of ebay scamming techniques, there are two things interesting here (aside from the sheer gall). One is that he manages to get an Item Location of Illinois, Germany. The other is that he goes for a one-day listing. I checked with Ebay on how to report fraudulent listings. You have to email them, and wait at least 24 hours for a reply. So if someone goes for the bait to end the listing early, the fraudster is in and out of the market before you know it. (I wonder if gmark even know this is happening to him -- he seems to be an inactive ebayer.)

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It is a little difficult to follow, now that the auctions have been pulled. A seller named cellodoc appears to have auctioned off a Gilkes violin in Germany---although with this guy you can never be sure if he even had the violin pictured in the sale or if it was genuine. The fraud in question arises because a couple days after that sale ended, the same violin with the same photos showed up for sale in Illinois. And a couple days after Ebay shut that auction down, the same violin and photos showed up for sale in New Hampshire. In both U.S. locations, the sellers had no history of selling violins, and it looked like someone (cellodoc?) had hijacked their ebay id. I don't know how that it is done, but it can be done, and it has happened to people on this board. It is a very common practice to steal violin photos. If you see an auction by someone who normally sells garage items and it has excellent violin photographs, be very suspicious.

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