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Finding Things with Search and Baxter's


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I remeber when I first joined here that there was some baxter's database info. Do you know anything about this? Is it available thru any forum? Is it worth buying?

A related matter is the search engine at Maestronet. I seem to have problems with it. I search for a name on all of the forums, and get nothing. Later I find sites with that name. It seems that if I only type the last name that I will get the info wanted, but a whole lot NOT wanted. I'll find the correct spelling (including exact caps, punc., and spacing)...but when I try 2 or more words - NOTHING. Any ideas why?

I really appretiate the conversations here. Thanks for helping a novice to learn!

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Ed Baxter (Fubbi2) has done an incredible amount of work in compiling this information. It's a great way to find out if there is any trace of a particular name in any of the references from which he's drawn info. You may be able to find more information there, such as some old auction price info, dates, etc., and he's added photos. I don't have the version with photos. The database does not contain the full text of Henley's or any other reference, for example (maybe Ed was trying not to reproduce all the errors?).

I bought it about 3 years ago, and used it a lot at one time. I'd look up the name in the database, and if it was there I'd go looking in the books, though I don't have them all. With all due respect to Ed, he's not a software engineer, and the interface could be better. I actually wrote my own search interface to make things simpler. It in MS Access, so anyone who knows that program can create a 'front end', But he's added a lot of photos, and maybe he's improved the interface as well.

If you don't want to buy all the books, but would like to be able to find out whether a name is a trade name or just a made up name, as opposed to real maker, it's a small investment for a lot of info.

I figure that Ed will eventually make enough selling it to pay for the huge investment he's made in the books, but he may never recover the huge investment in his time. Thanks to Ed for all the hard work.

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