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need help with vibrato


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jude, attched file is the serenade that i played this morning. as i said, my v starts at the elbow which i think helps bring out bigger sound and more emotion when needed, even tough from there wrist and fingers do come into the place also. note that several notes are not exactly "on". but i hope you can appreciate a range of different "types" of v.

the beauty of using v is that sometimes i can cheat a little. if i am not exactly on, i can v it to a better spot to hide the mistake, hehe

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could very well be the case, knowing me and given my luck with computer related stuff.

here is what happened.

i first loaded the MIG file, and you saw that.

then i loaded the serenade file, i saw it and it worked.

then, incidentally i was looking at the the post for the MIG and realized that hey, where did the MIG attachment go?

so, i re-uploaded the file, and then it worked, MIG attachment reappeared and it is still there.

then, lol, i went back to see the post on serenade thread, yeah, as i expected, the serenade attachment is gone.

i called the site office and talked with one of the Wells and he told me he will relay this to Hunt? who will make an annnouncement maybe on the news section.

you know what, let me try again!

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miles, i only try to show off when i know you are around, hehe.

that is a strong assertion if not an accusation. i thought i was playing the score because some notes are really quite long. to not to disappoint you, next time i will go out of my way to razzle dazzle.

you know, i wonder if someone on this board can rearrange this simple piece so that my niece can play this part and i can play another part to harmonize. her sister can play the piano part already.

i would die...

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Hi everyone,

A good vibrato is not only a quality of the player alone.The violin itself can have a good or bad response to vibrato.What your looking for is the most output for the list imput.Thats a quality rarely found on student instruments and that is a shame because they are the most that need all the help from the instrument.

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> your fingers have to be relaxed. then try waving good-bye when your playing your instrument. -- music officer

It's a clever way to put it.

> the most output for the list imput -- gabi

Is it so-called responsive? If I have a new student violin, it will have a vibrato quality as it ages (with being played regularly)?

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gabi, even though i agree with that in theory, in practice, that is not a significant factor. the effect of the v is generally less on cheaper violins, but the fundamentals apply to any violins, which comes from the player. it is just that the better violins augment that effect.

not many people can afford to get a Ferrari to learn stick shift. all the skills can be learned on a honda.

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in my humble opinion, the waving goodbye concept is only helpful to those who are advanced, who have mastered the basic skills of v in a flexion/extension plane.

we don't use our shoulder to wave (unless you see someone off in the pier). we don't use our elbow to wave either. we use our wrist to wave. however, the waving is not just a flexion/extension movement of the wrist; there is also a sideway shake. this sideway shake, called for occasionally for advanced players, will lead the beginner down the wrong path.

for a beginnger, stick with a motion that is parallel to the fingerboard, toward and going away from the face. this is the same direction when one hits the fingertip on the string. one's fingernail must face one's face as much and as reasonable as possible. just look and study your DIP (distal interphalangeal joint) joint. How does it move? flexion? yes; extension? yes to certain extent; sideway movement? NO, unless you are undergoing orthopedic surgery for tendon reconstrcution. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE IMPOSSIBLE. DO NOT DRIVE INTO DAYTONA 500 JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CAR.

violin is hard enough if you do it right. for now, wave the goodbye wave goodbye.

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As pretty much a beginner, I find that I will attempt vibrato only on the "slower notes" of a piece and those that will be sustained a little longer. I.e., I see more experienced players doing vibrato on many notes that I am lucky to just get to and play in tune. However, slower and easier notes are safer game for introducing vibrato. Does this sound reasonable?

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that makes perfect sense, speaking as a recognized expert on this subject.

my advice to you on vibrato. do not do it.

when you think you are ready, you are not.

wait until you or your teacher just cannot take your perfect intonation anymore and they scream: for heaven's sake, why don't you make some false notes for a change or, try vibrato. that is when you are ready.

if you try to be cool, say like me, before you are ready, you may end up with very imprecise intonation. it will be all over the place so to speak. some went so far that they have to give up violin and pick up piano.

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I suggest that you watch a romantic movie, listen to a lot of

romantic music, think of the person you love, drink a good cup of

hot chocolate and and start practicing. That will surely help bring

out a good and sweet vibrato. Probably the best tip i can give


Now going back to reality. Just dont think of it. Just play. It

will come naturally...

Now a couple of months from now you realize "Oh gee i can already

do a vibrato! Amazing!" then start working on the technical

aspects of it. Your teacher will surely guide you through that.

That's a different story, its a story you create yourself. Vibrato

is such a personal thing that can identify your character and style

as a musician if you don't give up in a few years after  you

realize that you dont want to play anymore and you really

just want to just chill and watch reality tv shows all

day hehehe.

Honestly, just be patient! Have fun playing!

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i watched the first part of the video. must be excellent instruction because it rhymes with what i have been saying, hehe.

to those who are beginning to learn vibrato and are wondering about this finger vibrato and that wrist vibrato, watch this video. kiss them goodbye.

look at which body joint this instructor uses.

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I have never seen it set out with such simplicy and clarity. Gone are the shakers with salt in them, balancing oranges while trying to hold the violin, knuckles and joints and bones sliding past each other (yes - I've run into all of them: rice, oranges, and sliding bones). Out of curiosity, is that an American pronunciation? I've only ever heard it called "vee - brato". It was rather startling to the ears, though it makes sense, given the word "vibrate" and all.

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not speaking for any americans, i take offense in your use of the word "american" when trying to define a stereotypical way in pronounciation. america the beautiful is very heterogeneous.

if you go to inner city where the bros hang, they say: yo yo yo, VIIIIIIBE.

if you go chinatown where i have shop selling fake chinese violins, we say, vi-bla-tion.

if you go the midwest, you have no idea what they are saying.

if you go the south, they shoot you.

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