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In addition to a modified Maestronet layout, the forum software is completely new. It offers more flexibility with our new hardware, and is more robust than the old product. We have endeavoured to carry over as much user data as possible but some data may have to be re-entered. Check your user profile after you log in and update it as necessary.

We have also been able to bring back all posts from the early Maestronet forum which dates all the way back to January 1996. They can be browsed just as they were posted, or searched along with all the other current posts.

We will be tweaking the forums over the next little while, so give us your comments as we go.


John Wells

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I think losing my mailbox of messages is about the worst thing so far of this upgrade. Not being able to upload a graphic for my avatar is trivial in comparison, however annoying.

Please, oh moderators in the sky, please tell us there's a way we will regain the messages we had in the messaging system.

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Is there a way to back off these changes?

This is disasterous to those of us that relied on this forum and felt a comraderie here.

There was no reason for a change, except possibly to get more advertizing on the margins.

What a huge disappointment to your loyal followers!

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Here's an update on a few things:

- You can now upload your own avatar (as you can see from my post).

- Private messages will be restored, hopefully tomorrow, and you will be able to send them as well.

- The "jump to first un-read" feature is not available right now, but we are hoping to add it very soon, as we know that it is a really useful feature.

- You can attach files to posts. Allowed types are jpg, gif, pdf, and mp3.

- A WYSIWYG editor with spell check is coming shortly.

- Titles will be fixed soon as well.

More to come ....

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There are a few things that one could complain about regarding the new look of Maestronet. I will limit myself to one.

I have never uploaded an avatar before, and I have just wasted considerable time trying to do so. The "system" has thwarted my every effort, and I would happily content myself with merely possessing an off the shelf avatar as provided by Maestronet, however, there is a problem.

It seems that the software engineers are either extremely cruel, or they have a twisted sense of humour, for my selection is limited to perhaps the most hideously awful collection of images ever assembled in one location. I have opted for the wheelchair (to symbolize the current status of Maestronet) for the interim until you can mercifully add some others (how about an image of the invisible man?) that are not quite so repulsive.

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So far it looks as if searching posts is broken. I tried searching for the term "Spiccato bow" and got a message saying there were words such as and and a in my search and I should try it again with them.

Additionally, it would be fantastic if there were a way to recover the messages we had in our inboxes under the previous incarnation of the board.

Finally, I couldn't figure out how to actually send a message to someone. It's not very obvious.

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I think the new format can work. Some questions/suggetions:

Is it possible to go to the next/previous topic without having to go back to the index?

Can we get an option to kill the ads and navigation menus in the margins? The discussions often contain large pictures where screen area is crucial.

The search function doesn't seem to work.

Thanks for bringing back the old topics!

Can we maybe update the News, Library and Photo Gallery sections more often?

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I'm having a wonderful time watching the clash between old world and new tech. Think about it ... violin makers who's main concern would normally be worrying about how a job was done 300 years ago are suddenly all in a flap because their computer screens are looking different. Give it time chaps - remember that in violin making patience is a virtue.

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There appears to be no way to access someone's profile unless he's the last one to post, in which case you can hit his name on the threads page, which formerly would take you the last post.

I hope the hitches get worked out. I'm usually pretty flexible with this type of change, but so far I see NO new advantages, and a lot of problems. Of all the boards I watch, this is the only one that's changed itself a number of times, and all the previous times it's been just a side-step. This time it's decidedly backwards--less functional, more hideously cluttered, harder to read. . .

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