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Peter Zaret's New Bass Bar


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  • 3 weeks later...

: Has any one out there played a violin that has had one of these bass bars installed? I would like to hear your feed back. Thank you,

: Joe: I have played on four of these violins now. One he sent me to try out, as I am a teacher and was curious and hopeful of finding an inexpensive source of good sounding violins for my students. The first one sounded very good--loud, edgy and deep on the low end. The next was a 3/4which was also very nice. The next two were not very good at all. They were sent to a student to try out and she ended up buying a new Chinese violin from a local shop. All of these violins have a distinctive quality to their sound, which I assume is related to this bass bar. I personally have reservations about it. The real test, of course is to hear a vioin before and after the installation of one of these bass bars.

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