Violin by Joseph Louis Germain

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I saw that Germain was mentioned in a post some time ago by Jeffrey Holmes about the Villaume Workshop. I responded to that post, but too late - it is lost in the archives. I have tried to make a current post a number of times, but it simply hasn't appeared on the board. Sunk without trace in the mid-Pacific I suppose. I have a violin labelled "Joseph Louis Germain Luthier a Paris Annee 1858" The "58" is added in hand. I believe Germaine was born and apprenticed at Mirecourt, worked for C-F Gand from 1840 -1845, for Villaume until 1850, and for C-A Gand (Gand fils) until 1862, when he set up shop on his own account. He retired and died (relatively young) in 1870. His son and pupil, Emile Germain, was also a luthier. I have noted from this that my instrument was dated when Germain was still an employee (the "premier ouvrier") for Gand fils. Would this have been likely? I would be interested in any comments about the quality and attributes of Germain's instruments (as instruments and not "investments"). Although I have only recently become aware of this discussion board, I have found many of the contributions to it (including those in the archives) interesting.

Regards to all

Andrew Hall

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