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Wondering? good instruments.


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I am just wondering. The Ebay sites posted are adds.

Yet the other auction was taken off because it was considered an add.

Personally I got a whole lot more out of viewing

and reading about the violins and bows at this auction


than I ever have on the Ebay sites that are constantly posted.

I view other luthiers sites and such

and view and study their violins and bows,

not because they are an add and I want to buy something

but because it is nice to see what is being made.

I frequently visit the Weber case site, and the Alden Lee Company just to

see what new ideas are being created. It keeps me up on the latest

string instrument inventions..

I even copy off on paper sometimes, some of the really fine bows or violins listed in pictures

and discription on an auction, NOT Ebay, and I keep them

in a notebook. It has become a wealth of pages to study the

fine instruments that I would otherwise not get to view. And my students enjoy looking through the

pages of instruments that they would not otherwise get to view.

I am glad that someone posts some of these sites that I would not find or have looked for

in a search engine.

I am not activly looking for an instrument or bow,

I already have several nice ones ;o)

But viewing good instruments and bows is an education in itself.

A board is for sharing. An add is for buying. And a site is used as the person wants....

as they say "In the eye of the beholder"

Well, those are my wonderings...........

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