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Nicolas Maline??

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Some years back Paul Childs discovered documents which support the idea that Nicholas Maline, son of Guillaume, was actually the bow maker and that the latter was actually a violin maker. Nicholas Maline's dates correspond to the style of work in Maline bows so this information has been readily accepted by experts as the likely truth of the matter.

S. Hersh

: What's this about Guillaume Maline really being named Nicolas Maline? I owned a Maline violin bow ten years ago with Hill papers that said the maker was Guillaume and now Tarisio Auctions says that Guillaume is really Nicolas. Is this true?

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Hello Mr. Hersh:

I suppose I spend too much time at the bench and not enough time reading/studying!

A funny thing happened. Two days ago I bought a MALINE bow for resale....wonderful playing bow, certified by Jean-Francois Raffin, 1999. I bought the bow, not looking at the certificate...because it was obviously a MALINE of 1860-1870. Today, after your posting, I read the certificate...slowly, due to my high school French being poor....and, sure enough, Raffin states the bow was made by NICHOLAS MALINE!!

I like to learn something every day....but, I was late learning this one!!

Thank you for your post.



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Wow, you guys are quick to respond. Thanks Mr. Hersh and Mr. Stancel for the help. I was starting to feel like i was going looney remembering guilaume and not nicolas.

Mr Stancel: Does your new Maline have a three part (silver-ebony-silver) button like the one that Tarisio's Auctions has? I think mine had a solid silver button and maybe a parisian eye but i can't really remember. Is that possible or would it have been too early? Anyway, thanks.

Paul Teasdale

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