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colored bow hair


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I am not sure about what kind of dyes are used, but I recently saw an advertisement in String magazine in which a company had natural colored horsehair ( other than white ) I think it would be very cool to have a bow with natural black, or salt and pepper hair on it!! Am I crazy, or has anyone else thought of it also?


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My viola bow has always had salt-and-pepper colored hair, and I wouldn't want any other. When it comes time to have my bow rehaired I will plan to be sure that my luthier has this natural hair for me. My most recently re-haired violin bow was done w. naturally white hair, and if I have a choice, I will use natural black and white hair the next time it's done. I think there is an ad in the most recent American String Teacher for multi-colored bow hair, which at first thought may seem icky, but it's a great ideal for teaching parts of the bow, and kids LOVE it.

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Re coloured bow hair...

First of all you must first bleach the hair

to get the same colour the same.

As we all know that bleach does the bow hair no good at all this weakens the hair by at least 80%.

Then you can get a dye and let it soak for about 2 hours then let it dry.

this is how you get the coloured bow hair..

hope this helps

Michael Sowden

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