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Sampling recordings and mp3s

Lydia Leong

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I've been contemplating putting up a Shoutcast station with Livecast relay, with stuff from my violin CD collection... I'm ripping my CDs to mp3 anyway so I can stream them from home and listen to them at work.

(For the non-tech-savvy among you, this means you can click on a webpage link, and, if you have the RealAudio player or other mp3 player, you get the equivalent of a radio station.)

I've been thinking about format of the playlists, and the bandwidth to broadcast at. I'm inclined to 56K for the latter.

Playlists I'm undecided on. The Livecast rules (basically, "what you must do not to get into trouble with the RIAA") disallow you from doing scheduled programs, and playing more than three tracks from the same CD within a given period of time. Essentially, the easiest way to work with these regulations is to have a number of randomized playlists, and then randomize the tracks within those playlists, with each playlist coming from multiple CDs.

A couple of possibilities:

- Single artist. ("Everything today is Perlman.")

- Same piece, lots of different artists. (Might get boring.)

- "Best of". (Favorite recordings.)

Thoughts? (Would you want to listen? smile.gif )

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WHRB in Cambridge broadcasts Orgies at exam time, and devotes to single person/group. The Bach Orgy was last Christmas (every last note he wrote, in a huge range of recordings), Toscanini orgy seems to come around every 10 years or so, etc.

Had I reliable access to the web, I would be very interested to hear your favorites.

Comparisons are good in small doses. When coupled with the "favorites" theme, that might be interesting.

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Am I too late? It's a great idea!

Orgies, comparisons, AND favorites would be great. Maybe do favorites or programs with themes for the most part, put in comparisons regularly (but not as the bulk of the broadcast), and orgies on special events or days: February 2 (Heifetz), June 7 (Laredo, Szell, Auer), January 27 (Mozart), etc.


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