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Quentin Clark's string test

Lydia Leong

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I have most of my portion of the thread on file and will pass it on by e-mail to use any way you would like. Though I may of seemed casual about our exchange of information, in actuality I grew increasingly amazed with each further enquiry and reply that the test for sustain was proving to be much more accurate and held greater potential than I had hoped or imagined.

To try and help clear up any fuzzy privacy issue that could be attributed on my side about the disappearance of the thread, I will offer here again; the tests for tone found on my home page may be reproduced and spread, all or part, in any way thought helpful with the added stipulation- as long as there are no money strings directly attached. Hey... come on, got to draw the line somewhere. Taking parts out of context is okay but it would be a good idea to provide a link to the whole document as well, so readers have a chance to at least see the entire presentation. I'll try to update the page eventually. The answers to questions Lydia raised of what her violin's sustain numbers might mean and why, are prime examples of how the information could be more comprehensive, to buyers, players, and now I would add luthiers.




Originally posted by HuangKaiVun:

Theresa deleted it because of the privacy issue.


Originally posted by Theresa:

Lydia: Quentin's homepage is:

That's where all the information on the

strings test resides.




Thanks once again for introducing my page and asking folks to try out one of the tests. It meant more to me than mere words can express. I will always be grateful.

By adopting tangible guidelines "Buy good violins not geography" becomes a reality, not just a nebulous warning to novices, hastening what I am content time will prove in the long run anyway. The cat and mouse game is a kind of fun but don't be surprised if it backfires with out any help from me, Monopoly has never been my favorite anyway.

The saga continues

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