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I seem to have somewhat less endurance than people

who practice 5-6 hours a day. Just after half an hour,

I feel tiredness in my arms and fingers and so I can

hardly move them anymore with required precision

in movement. Will I acquire strength in the end

or do I have problems with posture?

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Hi. People rarely practice 5-6 hours all at once.

At least I don't usually. I find it best to do about 1 hour at a time, take a break, then another hour, take a break..etc.. Doing it in bits at a time. Once I worried that this broken-up way of

doing it would effect the quality of practice,

but really it's fine. Also, I suggest the book

of Dancla, school of mechanism (or velocity, same thing). This helps build agility and controlled speed,

building more strength, thus making it possible

to go for long periods of time without becoming tense

or tired. Also, try doing them with whole-bows adagio or largo with vibrato. This helps endurance. If you're concerned about posture being an issue, remember to stand up straight. Sometimes, it's possible to start out straight but gradually slump without even thinking. Consciously think of not sticking out your scapulas (shoulder blades).

Good luck!

-Michael L.

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