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How to books on violin.


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Depends on the instrument and what you hope to accomplish.

You can get pretty good on the guitar working from a book, and so-so on the piano, but I wouldn't try to learn to play the violin from a book--at least not at the beginning. The violin is really a very simple instrument--meaning it's not at all mysterious how the sound or the pitches are made. Compare it to a piano, which is mystery upon mystery. Who knows what goes on inside that cabinet! But the violin's simplicity makes it especially challenging. The player has to be in charge of practically *everything*--pitch, duration, tone quality, rhythm. It doesn't do much of anything for you, the way a piano does. And the bow--well, someone said once that it's your best friend and your worst enemy. I really think you need a teacher to help you make friends with a bow. It's harder than it looks.

Don't let this advice keep you from fooling around on a violin on your own, just to see what you can do. But if you don't like what you hear, DON'T GET DISCOURAGED! It's not that you're unmusical. It's just that it's such a cantakerous and wonderful instrument...

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