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Pirastro Oliv or - Obligato?

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: What kind of strings are better now?

: Pirastro Oliv or Pirastro Obligato.

: Michael

Dear Michael,

I have recently gotten a set of Obligatos and I

have to say that I was really impressed.

In every catagory they were the

best when compared to Zyex and Dominants (whose

continued popularity is a great mystery to me,I

really can't stand those harsh sounding strings).

In attack, response to fine tuners, tolerance to

climatic changes the Obligatos are much

superior to the Olivs.

You just can't beat the Olivs tone though, that

rich, dark tone of natural gut has yet to be


This is not to say that the Obligatos have an

unpleasant tone. They have a very nice

distinctive sound to them that I like almost as

much as the Olivs.

You have to look at the overall picture, the

Obligatos are much better in most areas, if you

can deal with the fussiness of natural gut then

stay with the Olivs. If you like the longevity,

easy-to-deal-with, quick response, aspects of

synthetic gut, try the Obligatos, they are the


A note: The Obligato Goldstahl E is the same as

an Oliv Goldstahl E.

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