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Apart from orchestra, I don't perform so I don't have a particularly exciting vision of where I'll be in 5/10 years. I would be delighted if I could pick out any piece from my collection and play it accurately and in time. It's a bit of a tall order as I tend to buy music I like rather than music I know I'll be able to play!

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Married to dream girl. Haven't found her yet, but she has short, jet black hair (don't ask me how I know, I just do.)

Musically...hmmm..I suppose I'd like to make it into a symphony someday. Music probably won't be my major in college, but definately a minor.

I see myself teaching High School English and playing in some smaller city symphony on the side. And writing books...many of them.

There, that's probably it, but it's certainly subject to change, what with me being a mercurial teenager and all.


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Retired from teaching; raising lots of cats, dogs, llamas, birds--generally anything with feathers and fur;

Living on a river;

Playing in a church orchestra;

Figuring out the ways of trees;

Learning how to breathe better;

Learning how to live on one small meal a day;

Giving most of what I've accumulated away--physical and spiritual;

Dancing under the moon on a path of oyster shells.

Remembering the Concert at the Famous Crooked Spire in Chesterfield, England.

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I have dreams about it, probably like a couple a month or so. In about 5/10 years I'll be 20/25 years old. I hope to be playing on stage SOMEWHERE...ANYWHERE, playing every piece off my repertoire to a huge audience. In about 5/10 years, I'm going to be a performer. There's no "but's" about it...it's what I'm going to be doing.

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