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New Violin Case, Any Thoughts?


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I love my Musafia case, and everyone I know either has a Musafia case, wants one, or dreams of owning one. I have dealt personally with Mr. Musafia, who his a pleasure, and I have to say that this a case (I have the master series) that gets talked about more than the fiddles!

I too was concerned about the storage space, which is why I chose the Master series.

I always show off my case when someone inquires. It's like showing off the real Strad, after everyone has admired the copy...

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I'm currently using a case from F.E.L (Fabrique Etuis Deluxe), a French company, and they are really good. Firstly, they are available in a multitude of varieties (suspension, oblong, shaped etc.) and they are really tough/protective. Aecondly, they look reeeally nice. Mine is oblong. The covers are removable, so one can change colour every now and then. There are several different types/colour of the velvet interiors. I strongly recommend these cases, and they are around 300-400 U.S dollars. The only other tip I have is to buy a Jaeger case (manufactured by Gewa, Germany). They are heavy but extremely durable. According to some, it is possible to run them over with a truck without the case breaking.They come with an extensive guarantee and if you have a very valuable violin and you don't mind carrying a bit of weight around, these cases might be an option.However they are rather expensive (around 5-600 U.S. dollars).

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Your case looks really good. george


Originally posted by michael sowden:

Dear friend we have just what you are looking for, we are well known all over the world for supplying the very best bow hair,

and we would like to tell you that we have been desining on our premisis our new violin case,this case has gone on very high test to meet the very highest standards that any one can make if you would like me to send some detailes to you please get in touch

thank you

Mark Sowden

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