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: : I would like to hear from anyone who has recently purchased a nice( $1,500-2,000) Chinese violin that is NOT from Scott Cao. Just interested in some other names.

: I am a violin teacher in Boulder, CO and have had several students purchase Chinese violins in your price range. There seem to be many sources availiable and calls to violin houses around the country should yield good results. I have had particularly good luck with the Jay Haide violins that are made in China for Ifshin violins in San Francisco. Good Luck! I should add that I have played well over a hundred instruments from shops all over the country that my students were trying out in the last few years. I believe that most of the decent older french, German, etc. violins in this price range have been snapped up and that only the dregs are left (unless you get lucky). I think that many of the new chinese violins are outstanding and have myself recently purchased a Christopher Pu, which I love, to use as a teaching instrument.

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