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Which composer is your favorite?

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Bach is for me the greatest composer ever, but I am also very keen on very modern composer's,and my favourite for some time has been Peter Maxwell Davies, an English composer who has written a large number of works, a lot of which have been inspired by the life and culture of the Orkney Islands where he has lived for a number of years. I would be interested to know what other people think of his work.

Incidentally he has recently been commissioned by Naxos to write a number of string quartets which shows how adventurous good old Naxos have become.

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Originally posted by violinist82:

I can't believe no one mentioned Johann Strauss! The Blue Danube is a great piece!

Gee, didn't you read my post? wink.gif I included him in my "favorite composer" list.

By the way, I love his operettas as well, "Die Fledermaus", "Gypsy Baron" and "Wiener Blut" are wonderful stuff!


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Standard reply but still valid:

1. Beethoven

1.000001 Bach

4. Mozart


The big three still reign supreme.

Now somtimes when I am listening to Brahms or someone else I think I like them best, but that's just the passion of the moment.

Hey, how about Schikele, or is it PDQ Bach?

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Originally just Tchaik (see post #4)

But this thread got me now

1. Still Tchaik

2. Bach (many votes from us with good reason)

3. Verdi (not mentioned yet if I'm not mistaken)

4. St. Gregory-patron saint of music (a.k.a. Gregorian chant)

5. Mendelssohn (probably not my #5 but I feel bad as Bernd said that nobody's mentioned him.)

Many other mentionables that just missed, but they'd take to long to think of and list.


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oops, I guess I wasn't looking very closely smile.gif We played Die Fledermaus in orchestra this year. Have you heard Vienna Blood? I like that one too. Also, have you listened to any of Richard or Edward? I have a cd of Johann, and another of the other Strauss's. Very cool.


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