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Ebay 'unbelievable'


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I'm sorry, but anyone who's willing to pay $50,000 on ebay for that deserves what they get. Not only that, I'd like to meet any potential buyers of that fiddle - I've got this wonderful bridge to sell them and some great deals in seaside land that's above water at least twice a day.

FWIW, I agree with pabloci, the seller's fallen for the old Stradivarious syndrome.


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I think I remember reading that Stradivari started using machine tuners on his later instruments, just before he added "MADE IN GERMANY" to his labels.....

There's got to be a story behind that auction. It's the seller's first sale...and he bought nothing but deerhorns before. Grannygoose, if you're reading this thread, tell us what the story is?

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I think Granny just likes to be the nonwinning bidder on the high priced reserve auctions.

So do I. I was at Christies for the Lady Tennant sale and I desperately wanted to be the opening bidder at $500,000. I had been approved as a bidder for only the amount I applied for ($50,000), so I was worried I would be quickly ushered out by security if I tried to bid. I love to be an underbidder on something I know I cannot afford. Its a way of enjoying the auction excitement with only a small amount of risk.


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