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Looking for the Perfect "Crossover" Strings


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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question that I have. I play both fiddle and classical styles on the violin (fiddling competitively), and I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on the best strings to play both styles.

I am very partial to bright instrument sound, but I am becoming more and more appreciative of a rich, warm sounding violin. I can't lose too much firepower though, because I need that for contests.

If anyone could help, I would really appreciate it!


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I've tried both Zyex and Vision Titanium. Zyex sounds like gut but with less character and overtones. Vision Titanium goes all out for power and overtones. An interesting observation is that the differences in strings is mostly under the ear. Playing with headphones and a mic at six feet away will demonstrate it and I've done it with these two strings. They are very much different under the ear, like night and day, but surprisingly similar at a distance.

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I have just tried the vision titaniums on my old fiddle.. I've used zyex mostly in the past...The visions are a very good string with what I like to refer to as a complex sound..I went back to the zyex because they have a lot more power to them on my fiddle and when your competeing with a couple of flat head banjos,two or three D size guitars, a loud mandolin chop not to mention an upright, you need all you can get..If I were playing through a mike all the time I would use the titaniums...I wish I could have the best of both the zyexs and the titaniums!!! For just strictly contest fiddling I would see no problems with either one..The titaniums seem to have a little bit better response to them as compared to the zyex..Don't forget helicores!!! They are a far cry from what people think steel strings are and work very well also for fiddle and violin music..Just my two cents...Regards, Lonnie..

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