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This looks rather nice to me. The violin is seemingly in v.g. condition, it looks the age on the label.

Question - does the label belong? In the photo it looks possibly O.K., but without a brand or signature in the back it is a problem. There are several stains on the label, something often done to make it look like the label belongs.

Reason for concern on this is difference in value. As a generic it's about $3,000, as a well preserved Otto, maybe $6,000.

But it will probably go cheap, so maybe it doesn't matter. Personally, I really like a violin with provenance and some historical interest.

All Best, Larry.

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I think you should assume that the label is a fake. The seller seems well-informed. If the seller believed the label, he or she would not be selling the violin on ebay, or would do something to prove it was genuine. I'm not suggesting that the seller put a fake label in, by the way.

Incidentally, I recently bought a fiddle on ebay that had a fake label. I like it a lot and am totally satisfied.


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I think it is hard to tell if it has ben refinished and I don't know how anyone can tell from those pictures - it certainly has had wear to the top varnish but does not present any scratches, dings etc so maybe. It looks linseed oiled. It is well made though. Out of my price range already! LOL!

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I just looked again and I think it is french polished actually bean - although you'd have to have a feel - but it looks very flat and that kind of dull shine you get with 1800's furniture, not violin varnish texture. The grain looks muddied and not sharp that I have seen happen with a ground coat of wood dyes instead of the proper way. Still, thats how some makers worked.

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