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I recently bought a violin case from alrongroup of eBay. Not too happy with the quality of the case. The quality is worse than the one, which came with my Chinese student violin.

Does anyone have the experience with the seller?


New Deluxe 3/4 or 4/4 full size Violin Oblong Case NR!

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It certainly doesn't look like quality product as he claimed in his description. The interior velvet feels so cheap as well and I am wondering whether others on the board bought his stuff before. If so, I would like to get feedback on the products. I am certainly not happy with it.

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That's usually true. But for an auction format, $29 doesn't necessarily mean "cheap". The seller claimed that the case was worth $600.00 so go figure.

The other case I was talking about, which came with my "cheap" Chinese violin (purchase price $195.00) is MUCH, MUCH better than the one this seller sells!

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No. I didn't try to contact the seller, who seemed to be nasty. He left a retaliating negative feedback stating something like go find a teacher then the tone of the violin [he sold] will be better.

As I agreed with jaf67 and Regis in principle, with an auction format though, price is not an absolute indicator for quality. In this case, what ticked me is that the seller was lying through the teeth!!! My thing is this: If something is cheap in quality, say so. That's fine. But dressing up the description and selling cheap stuff, that's unacceptable.

By the way, I like your photography site. How did you put the copyright on the photos?

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Miles, I don't think you're doing yourself any great favours by complaining here about a purchase if you haven't even at least made an attempt to discuss it with the seller first. Your choice, but I'd expect somewhat diminished sympathy.

Thanks for the compliments on the photos, it's much appreciated. The copyright etc is just photoshopped on - the simplest part of the whole process.


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>by complaining here about a purchase

The original post is seeking members who had bought cases from the same seller and see how they felt about their purchase, not sympathy.

Although violin cases don't cost as much as a violin for the most part, if we feel strongly about misrepresntation of a violin, then logically why should we feel different about misrepresntation of a violin case?

If someone intentionally misrepresent an item, do you really think that he would be honest when you "discuss" it with him?

>The copyright etc is just photoshopped...

I need a user manual for the photoshop then. Thanks.

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