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buying a case on ebay


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I need a new violin case and some of the ebay ones look like good deals... but I'm not sure about the structural strength or the quality (depth) of the suspension. I'm assuming they are cheap Chinese cases as no one lists the brands... is it worth the savings to buy a case on ebay? Anyone know anywhere else to get a good, cheap, case?


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I bought three violins on eBay and they tend to be on the heavy side. Quality is all right for the money. I also have a case made by Bam in France, which is super duper: Suspension is very good and it's also very light. But then again, it cost a lot MORE as well. If you are traveling, I would think the Bam case might be a better bet since it is lighter.

On the other hand, I also got free cases with violins I bought. One of which is excellent, but I could not find out who sold them. I asked the seller who sold me the violin and he responded that the case came with the violin factory and was not sold separately.

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